Comprehensive Motor Insurance: Insurance Pass Insurance

A comprehensive motor insurance policy in my opinion is the best thing that could happen to vehicle owner. Just imagine a cover that caters for:
  • any accidental damage to your vehicle, 
  • cost of replacement in the event that the vehicle was stolen, 
  • loss of car accessories through burglary, 
  • injury suffered as a result of accident 
  • accidental injury or death inflicted on others whilst driving the vehicle
  • damage caused to third party property, etc…and believe me that is mentioning a few. 
It therefore saddens me when I hear people say “lemme just have third party motor insurance jare. Is it not just for police to see that I have insurance?” Well, for your information, insurance pass insurance!

A comprehensive motor insurance policy combines the benefits provided by all other motor insurance policies and can be extended or restricted according to your need and pocket. You don’t have to break the bank to get a comprehensive insurance cover; it’s cheap, not only cheap, very cheap compared to the benefits to be enjoyed.

Most people only appreciate the value of a comprehensive insurance policy at the time of claim when they realize that they are literarily OYO (on your own) when an owner’s claim occurs.

Let me be very clear, with a third party cover:
  • When your vehicle is stolen = on your own
  • When your vehicle is damaged = on your own
  • When you are injured = on your own
  • When your vehicle go up in flames = on your own
It is therefore smart and important for any vehicle owner to budget for comprehensive insurance fees just as you are budgeting for fuel. Moreover, all that is required is a single premium payment which will cover you for 365 days (One year). Remember, Insurance Pass Insurance!

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Written by: 
Atinuke Aladenika 
Content Writer 
Insurance Discourse

Edited by: 
Adebowale Ajayi 
Owner/Content Writer 
Insurance Discourse 

Atinuke is a first class graduate of Insurance from Lagos State Polytechnic. She currently works with Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc in the Reinsurance department having spent two years in Motor Department of the same company. 

She is a Qualified Associate Member of the  Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria and was awarded the Best Student in Liability Insurance (2016).
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