Is Your Home And Personal Property Protected? - Part Two (2)

Burglary/House Breaking Insurance and Householder/Better Home Guard Insurance 

One way or the other we try as much as possible to secure our proprieties away from thieves. We safeguard our homes with security alarm system, padlocks and all kinds of barricades. Sometimes, this measures are enough to keep burglars out of our homes, but most times, they manage to break in and part away with our belongings whilst causing several damages to those they can’t take. 

Imagine you returned from work after a long day only to discover that your home has been burgled and the thieves’ left with the television, generator, decoder, laptop and home theater. One will surely be devastated because the financial implications of replacing those items is going to be a major constraint on our budget. 

However, with Burglary/House Breaking Insurance, the Insurer will come to the rescue. Damages done to the door as a result of forcible entry as well as the replacement of the stolen items will be covered by the insurer. Burglary/House Breaking Insurance is an Insurance policy designed to protect your financial interest against any losses arising from unlawfully entering or breaking (burglary) of your home. 

That’s not all the protection you can get though, a Householder/Better Home Guard Insurance offers even more. It is the combination of Fire & Special Peril Insurance and Burglary/House Breaking Insurance fused into one. It provides compensation to the Insured for loss of or damage to the Insured building and contents as a result of fire & special peril and theft/burglary. 

The good news is, these Insurance policies are very affordable and easy to purchase. For further information on Burglary/House Breaking Insurance and Householder/Better Home Guard Insurance do not hesitate to contact me: 

Mobile/Whatsapp: 08036449700 


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Adebowale Ajayi 
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Adebowale is an experienced Executive Marketing & Insurance Officer currently working with Risk Analyst Insurance Brokers Limited. Skilled in digital marketing, client services and graphics design with a Higher National Diploma focused in Insurance from Lagos State Polytechnic.
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